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Originally Posted by Tommy
I really struggled watching the first episode... I just thought the artwork was bland, the show was boring and the one guy who was bullying eruruu or whatever her name is was extremely annoying, plus I'm not a fan for the "cute" cat ears or whatever on everyone. But the more I think about it the more I realized this show just doesn't fit into the type of animes I usually watch so maybe thats why I disliked it so much.
Some people whom I value the options given on other anime here in these forums have started watching these series, and thus posting comments about them, based on them I decided to give it a shot and download the episodes that where available.

I am by far not an optimistic person, and quite ceptic in some cases.., so naturaly when I saw the first episode I realy didn't enjoy it, to say the least...

The artwork / animation as the person who wrotte the post I just quoted mencioned, it was bland, rather pale and plain.., something from a anime made in 2006 I would have expected ALOT better...; adding that and the slow progress in the episode made it a bit dull and boring to watch..

So its safe to say that we most have struggled throught this episode..

But.., I have been surprised before.., thus.. I toke alot of attention to the posts and saw the good positive feedback on the second episode;
thus.., I had decided to post my reviews based on when I'd finished watching the 2nd one.

Some of the best anime I have seen started out, well lets say.., not in the best of ways.., the best example that comes to my mind just now is Karin..., and who would have told me it would turn out to be THAT good

In this case, Utawarerumono (I'm going to have some trouble writting this everytime) may yet surprise me again...

I don't think for the dramatic side, but more for the action scenes.., altough its FAR too soon to even start making prognostics about the story and where it will lead too; after all... we are still introducing characters.., and only now we have a name for the person in the Oni mask that Eruruu saved (Hakuoro).

But as we can see in the OP, there are ALOT of fight scenes with alot of yet to introduced characters.., I have re-seen the OP a few times and it clearly shows me that they gived the action scenes they're due work, alot of blood and detail; and this we can confirm just by watching episode 2 aswell.

So.., I am hoping for a maybe well detailed story, possibility some tragic / dramatic moments as it goes but with alot of fight scenes and action, not to mencione a good amount of characters (judging by what I saw in the OP) - all I hope now is that they're caracter unfolds nicely.


Now, on topic for the 2nd episode :



Ah also.., I've mencioned this in the Rozen Maiden thread.., its about a character we see in the OP where some people say she looks exactly like Suigin Tou..

I realy have to disagree..., I've stated the more detailed reasons on the RM thread but.. just to make it short... her face, hairstyle, eyes, even personality from what I could capture from the OP... realy isn't like Suigin Tou... in any way in fact..

Just because she has wings and white hair doesn't mean she looks like her

If I'd say she would be a copy of someone I'd go for Meia from Vandread..., EXACTLY same face & hairstyle
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