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Well, it seemed to me that the ending put a subtle emphasis on his shadow...which sported a reddish tinge. You may recall that at the beginning of the final chapter, Eriko and Kyoya had a quite meaningful conversation about shadows and one's legacy to the world...and although the red hue could be blamed on the lighting/rising/setting sun, I can't help but harken back to that moment in the train.

I'm not sure there was much between Eriko and Kyoya (especially since she's still
) but it's quite clear she's fond of him despite his Dirty Harry-like methods. He gets the job done although he also gets his hands dirty - but he still retains his humanity despite his cold outlook.

Overall, while it is quite dark, I did enjoy Jiraishin. If I were to choose between it and the more detailed MPD Psycho, I'd probably choose Jiraishin. I guess I grew more attached to the series' characters than to MPD's.
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