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I hate the tank strength argument. It's strictly disingenuous.

I mean, you;d been making these devil advocate arguments, although interesting, they are more theory than anything. I break a wall with my fist, was the fist strong or the wall weak? Structural damage does not occur in battles because the walls were weak. The walls are strong and their breaking is supposed to show how hard they are being hit. Likewise when they say an HE round can bust a tank it is for an effect that is supposed to say 'this is a damn good weapon ( that didn't work)' otherwise they would not even had said anything! it'd be anticlimatic and meaningless. Speaking of, is there any evidence that the marriages have a sense of humor?

Alright, *i hit you with a spit ball. You block it with another paper* i then say 'That spit ball was strong enough to take out a tank' For what reason does my saying this make my attack sound powerful? Its unrealistic. Try to understand motivation of the speaker's language instead of undermining it into insensibility.
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