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Random thoughts for this arc.

Each arc, Nisio picks new characters he introduced to stay.

Naze, Kei
Misogi, Mukae
Ajimu(RIP), Hanten, Kamome

I wonder who it'll be now, especially since this arc has only introduced two new characters, Obi and IIhiko.


I still stand by the hope that Zenkichi's eventual restoration will erase all traces of his obsessive love for Medaka. Mainly for character development, let Zen get a taste of life without Medaka, and let Medaka get a taste of life without Zenkichi

Zen may get to experience love and adoration from a girl without the need to come within an inch of death to get any confirmation of feeling from the girl.

And Medaka would do well to develop without her emotional crutch. Someone who's not there to pick her up and a follow her around. Maybe develop some appreciation for him and what he goes through for her.

But.....I can't help but wonder.....

Fukurou is a sort of shadow to what Zenkichi could have been if he gave up trying to keep up with her and win her over. Makes me wonder if there's a possible parallel to Zen's development without Medaka. Then there's Kamome, the "Dark Hero". He's already sour and cynical like Kamome, he could turn out to be like him.

What do you think?
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