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Originally Posted by Poetic Justice View Post
Plus if you remember back to Rayleigh vs Kizaru, Rayleigh's kick solidified Kizaru's leg.
A dang you're right... i forget that kizaru tried to kick zoro, and thought Rayleigh kicked the sword...

though i guess it could be more like C.A. said... a clash of intentions... of which the more power the attacker has over the defender the more damage and the more solid they remain... So while aokiji still amanaged to break apart, he still took damage because their was enough haki in the attack

i think the best part about all this though is knowing that haki is NOT an end all be all for logias and devil fruit... especially in the case of blackbeard... Haki being able to deal such damage lowered the value of Blackbeard's powers, but knowing that devil fruit users can use haki to defend themselves from haki, this brings bakc the value of blackbeards powers... while haki can reduce the defensive properties of devil fruit, it can be defended against, where as Blackbeards powers are more absolute
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