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Chapter 567
This wasn’t a bad chapter. It is about time Vice Admiral Garp gets in the fight. A least this way he will not have to watch Ace’s execution. I wonder who is stronger Diamond Jozu or Garp when it comes to strength? I can't wait to see the outcome of White Beard vs. Admiral Akainu.

Diamond Jozu’s Mysteries
How the hell is Diamond Jozu making these logia users bleed? My first answer is haki but could his abilities also be the case? In Chapter 560 page14-15 he uses his left arm but its covered with his diamond ability and he punches Croc. In Chapter 567 page 9 its the same, left arm and its covered in diamond only he is punching Admiral Akoiji.

Admiral Kizaru’s words of wisdom
On chapter 567 pages 13 and 14 Admiral Kizaru beats the shit out of Luffy and tells him “Straw Hat Luffy... just having guts isn’t enough. If you’re not strong enough, then you can’t save something no matter how hard you try.” On page 15 Admiral Kizaru insults White Beard by saying “Who’d of thought a man as great as yourself would send trash as reckless as that in right away.” Admiral Kizaru’s words may not be inspiring to Luffy but they are the truth. In this whole battle to save Ace Luffy has gotten a free ride to the top of the mountain. The fact is if he didn’t have help from powerhouses in this battle he would have been sidelined like Buggy long ago. I hope chapter 567 will be the last time Luffy will appear in this battle. Luffy as the new world to adventure and the the Straw hat Crew to reunite. It is time Oda let the big boys play out the rest of the battle.

Just a thought
You know what would be cool. If Ace had the keys to the cuffs from the beginning of the battle. There are so many ways Ace could have gotten the key’s and that not including the prison visits by Vice Admiral Garp or Hancock. Then the question would be who gave him the key? Also why didn't he get out earlier when he had the chance? Then just has they are about to kill Ace the blade goes through him but it doesn’t kill him because he is logia of course. Then Ace gets up and joins the battle and the rest is history. I make this mention because I really would like to see Ace fight in this battle as well. I consider him a very good fighter. Also the Marines have Kizaru, Akoiji, and Akainu. White Beard would have Diamond Jozu, Marko, and Ace.

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