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Having read the LN, I found this episode to be pretty satisfying in it's portrayal. I don't really feel anything major was left out aside from the emotions being felt and all the more technical aspects of the game world which isn't new.

Spoiler for In regards to the missing storyline:

Also, I'm really kind of surprised that people find the fact that Asuna was unable to escape on her own to be sexist or a detriment to her character; in fact, if anything, it truly drives home how much higher the stakes have been raised. The scene introduces the concept that the people in control of Alfheim Online are no longer playing by the game's rules like in SAO. The visuals help drive this concept home, the "GM area" is absolutely nothing like the rest of the game, and doesn't fit the theme at all. The "GMs" take the form of monsters(that likely don't even exist game-side)
Spoiler for LN side-note:
instead of human NPCs. All of it is in stark contrast to the reality that the players are facing;that is, this is the scientists' work, they aren't playing a game and don't care at all about it.

And also, if Asuna escaped on her own there wouldn't be a climax to the plot, and that's even worse writing than her supposed subjection to being a damsel in distress.

So, to sum up, there is purpose in her escaping her cage because it gives the audience the opportunity to explore the admin-space of ALO, but there's also purpose in her failing to escape.
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