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Originally Posted by Stephanie View Post
If you hate them lesbi, you must hate Sei huh?

To be honest, I think all of them are.. Since when did sisterly love become something like this? Wake up people! <.<
(That involves Shimako, mind you)
Well ,.....look Stephanie ..I really hate lesbian including Sei two years ago when she was with shiyori (I forgot her name) .I'm with you about that matter..I really hate her act in the past but now she is better from before I mean she has cured from that illness...About shimako I don't think she is like that at all she is considering sei and noriko as sisters and supporters as the same time....don't forget That their school is full of girls there is no men as a result there should be a sort of sister love , don't you think??

And don't judge them all.....about the relationship between yumi and sachiko I guess in future may come to that thing (lesbian) I see their love is abnormal.
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