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Ok, yes ma'am.. n_n

Shimako, if you haven't read the novels, she's more headstrong there and a bit more of a fighter than in the anime..

Also, when Rosa Canina came to the Rose Mansion (They were fighting for the Rosa Gigantea position) I've read that Shimako was bitter at her the whole time and in while the anime, Shimako was still being kind..

Yeah, despite being in pressure, she still brings herself in a delicate manner..
She's the most mature of the en boutons..

Tell me, besides the art and drawing of Shimako, what was is it that really drew you to her?

"^____^ In fact , I rarely see a beautiful girls in the anime they all look ugly not all of them but often.. and their aspects is discusting ....As a girl I see so many handsome men in the anime , so it doesn't a shock for me to see handsome man.....Also I like the curly and light brown hair as shimako has...The animation desing it's attractive and awesome it's in high quality animation.....and the last reason when i saw her at first in that image i saw her in a school uniform so I figure out that she is a student in school...I like the animes that talks about schools especially schools of girls because I'm a girl and I missing my friends, school and studing in there. So I thinks that why I tend to shimako.

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