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I'd heard of Marimite ages ago, probably when I first became interested in yuri, but I hadn't investigated further. Anyway, when I did finally watch it I was instantly drawn in. The whole aesthetic of the series, the great characters, everything about it just made me love it instantly, and it's now probably my favourite anime series. I can't really describe exactly how, but Marimite touches me in a way no anime I've ever seen before has. It's undeniably romantic, but the love in it is so subtle and beautifully handled that it's always realistic without being cynical, and idealistic without being syrupy. It also perfectly captures all the insecurities, doubts and misunderstandings that come along with being a teenager, in my view.

On a side note, Marimite has made me pretty convinced I'm bi. About four years ago I had a bit of a 'crush' on a friend who's a few years older than me. I really admired her and looked up to her, and there was one occasion where I felt a bit of physical attraction towards her, though it did seem to pass. At the time, I put it down to a bit of curiosity. These days I'm not really sure whether to say I'm bi or straight, since I'm obsessed with yuri and I do sometimes find myself very curious about being in a lesbian relationship (usually on a fairly romantic rather than sexual level, it must be said.) I dunno... I don't think I should label myself until I have a little more 'experience' to go by, and I am currently in a happy relationship with a guy, so there's no rush to find out if I really am.

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