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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
There's no question Ikuhara is a talent, and RGU had moments of surreal genius to it. But what was fresh then (before he recycled it within the same series) certainly doesn't feel as fresh now. Utena would have benefited from being a shorter series, and MPD would have too, it looks like. Attention span and diversity of style don't seem to be Ikuhara's strong points.
Utena would have suffered greatly had it been any shorter than it was, and it's way too early to call the jury on Penguindrum. So far, the direction is purposeful that it's very very unlikely. And of course, as Forsaken_Infinity pointed out, there's almost no similarity between Utena and Penguindrum in terms of chracter, plot or theme. My examples were simply to point out similarities in direction technique. And frankly, the techniques are so rarely used in other anime that their very existence adds freshness to a work.

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Oh, I quite get that. I just feel we need more balance we don't want viewers to be too uncomfortable. The show has basically made Ringo into the real main character so far. And while I've enjoyed all the episodes for the most part, my biggest criticism is the lack of characterization and screen time so far to Himari and Kanba, not that I'm a particular fan of Kanba though. While something like Utena strove to establish all the characters fairly early on, this has been quite different. Ringo is the show and for me that's a scary prospect.
Himari and Kanba have been kept in the background on purpose. Kanba in particular has been up to an awful lot and the Penguin Hat was also giving direct orders to Shouma for a reason. If all that was important was Ringo's diary, wouldn't Kanba have been assigned to the task as well?

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Not to say I would ever drop this show. I'll watch till the end no matter what but I'd prefer the focus widen a bit. Ringo can be a tiring character to follow and we have a lot of potential other characters to focus on.
We are certain to see that in the next couple of episodes - there's at least one character who hasn't even shown up yet. And the timing is certain to not be a coincidence.
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