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Originally Posted by Forsaken_Infinity View Post
I will be honest; I think you are whining too much here. Stand back and watch the show as the director plays it out to you - like it or not, up to you - but to decide by yourself that the show would have benefited from being a shorter series before the show is even at halfway mark is only your playing "the critic" to a fault. And as Sides pointed out, not much (I would say not a single frame) has been wasted thus far so you lost me with your "shorter would have been better" argument.

You may not have found Ringo interesting, but I - and many others - watch the show with much arduous interest than most other shows precisely because of her. Do I think she's a crazy bitch? Most definitely. But does that take away from the show? Nope. It adds quite a bit to it instead. I am practically glued to the screen, trying to notice every subtle change - from the very subtle references to external materials to the antics of the penguins - so you lost me with the "attention span" argument as well.

Regarding fresh, the show is fresh alright. It brings to the table stuff you didn't find in anime for years. And no anime thus far has had such a character as Ringo so the one thing you hate about the show is already serving as the counterexample of one of your arguments. Comparing RGU and MPD, I don't exactly see what's so similar about them. Sure they have a somewhat similar art style and there are surreal touches in both. But beyond that, I find the stress of the two show to be much different. RGU was a fantasy while MPD is "real" is how I would put the difference I perceive. I am almost inclined to agree with you in that RGU is somewhat made out to be more than it is but MPD has thus far been a magnificent show. You can disagree with that conclusion but wait until you watch the whole show to call out on how the show could have improved upon. At the moment though, I think you are giving in too much to your desire to criticize a "popular" show to the point that you aren't even having fun watching it anymore.

OT: That was a crazy episode to say the least. I must say I am "excited" for the next episode. Not really in the sense of wanting to see the resolution of a cliffhanger though.
Holy shit really?! Has this thread really gotten to the level where people aren't even allowed to question RGU/MPD/Ikuhara period? Also how can anyone say that comparing RGU and MPD is a bad idea when the whole thread has basically been spent doing so? Not that I would disagree at all since I personally have become rather bored of seeing Ikuhara and RGU praised non-stop up and down the board (arguably they've been talked about more than MPD itself) by some users while there's a perfectly new and fresh show to be experienced.

I mean I've kind of been joking before, but this is getting more than a little ridiculous. Some people need to stop being so damn overbearing about Ikuhara and whatever legacy he might have left with Utena and just allow the flow and generation of ideas to flourish here or this thread is more done than it already is. I think they know who they are by the way.
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