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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
I really think this boils down to the idea that any criticism of Ikuhara is inherently invalid. Accept what He's doing, for His purpose will eventually be revealed.
Please, don't start using that argument every time someone disagree with you; I did explain why I think you're argument doesn't make sense.

Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
I get what you're saying, but the balance I refer is to the tone - the mood, etc. Irrespective of whether or not there's a larger point to the focus on Ringo, it's not invalid to debate the actual presentation of the material - how does it feel? Does it work?
If it's presentation, I understand the "how does it feel" issue, but "does it work?" is something you can't really answer until you know how it fits in the story, specially since Ikuhara uses the presentation itself as a plot device and not just to establish a particular mood.
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