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I find it strange that people ridicule the repeating footage of Ikuhara's series as that is one of his signature's style. It is like ridiculing pigeons/ mexican standoff/double gun in John Woo's movie/ keying in songs at the end of an episode in a Fukuda directed series/ too much text in a Hideki Anno's series...etc. That is what they do.

Frankly if you dislike Utena you won't like Penguin Drum at all. As someone said before the plot has nothing in similar but the direction style is practically the same, and Ikuhara has a very strong direction style that might overwhelm some people, and there is nothing wrong with it.
They came first for sharks fin,I didn't speak up because I don't eat sharks fin.
Then they came for foie gras,I didn't speak up because I don't eat foie gras.
Then they came for Toro (bluefin tuna) sushi,I didn't speak up because I don't eat sushi.
Then they came for me and force me to be a vegan by that time no one was left to speak up.
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