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Originally Posted by fukarming View Post
I find it strange that people ridicule the repeating footage of Ikuhara's series as that is one of his signature's style.

Anyone who ridicule the repeating style do not know squat about anime.

I would love to see the Seizon Senryakuu each and every episode. Probably my limit would be up to 30+ episodes. Then I'll get sick of it... maybe.

Originally Posted by fukarming View Post
Frankly if you dislike Utena
Well. I couldn't really watch Utena back in the day because I found it to be... "weird". Granted, all I've seen was the movie. Hence, I had absolutely no clue what I was watching. And this was... a good... 10-12 years ago.

Yet, this style used in Penguindrum. Much more colorful. Much more vibrant. Audio-wise, I can't compare here. I don't recall enough for that.
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