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Originally Posted by sevennights View Post
Episode one for me, was definitely a great start for Fate / Zero. It was really nice that they made Fate / Zero an anime.
By the way, anyone here who can give me the exact terms/names/words for each relic used in the summoning of the servants, like, for example, the relic used in Gilgamesh's summoning. They said that it was the shed skin of the first snake. Was that first snake the snake mentioned in the Bible? the one who made Adam and Eve sin?
(P.S. if this question is already asked, sorry for the double post >_<)
In general, the relic has to be related to the hero in question. In this case, the snake skin belongs to the snake who stole his elixir of immortality in the Epic of Gilgamesh. For Saber, the relic is Excalibur's scabbard (called Avalon in Fate/Zero) and for Rider the relic is a part of his mantle.
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