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Originally Posted by Classified Info View Post
Finished Fate/stay night and i liked it very much, even tho i hated the ending
Spoiler for ending:
. I liked it overall for the romance and the action, i liked the soundtracks a lot, and i enjoyed really much some characters (gilgamesh sure kicked asses, loved it).

It's different from the shows i watched so far, since it was more focused on this magic plot and saint graal war, so i'd put it into another cathegory. I'd rate it something like 9.4 i think.

I'm open to new titles now, as you could see. I managed to enjoy animes like F/SN, which were more on the plot than on the romance, so you are free to give me other titles, always as long as they contain some romance.

Anyways, i still have those other titles in my list, with school rumble being the next, since i need something lighter. See you next week probably.
Now that you finished Fate/Stay Night you should try Fate/Zero
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