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Kamisama Dolls and Working! added to the list, thank you for the suggestions.

I started Fate/zero, since last time i had finished Fate/stay night, and i arrived at episode8. My impressions:
It doesn't contain any romance, but i'm liking it waaay more than F/SN, probably for its characters or the better fights or the cooler graphic, i don't really know. Taking the romance factor apart, i find it better than F/SN. I only wished there was more Gilgamesh fighting along the way, since he was so badass in the previous title. Shit, they are keeping all the cool characters from fighting (Gilgamesh, that black knight and the king of conquerors).

I would still like to remind you that i'm able to enjoy these new titles(that may not be focused on romance) because S;G just satisfied me too much.

If you mean that i was able to keep this topic alive after this much time, it's probably because i'm active and actually follow the users's suggestions, finishing off their titles and letting them suggest me some more, since i asked them to do so afterall. It's just a consequence that this thread became a romance-titles container that can be useful for others aswell.
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