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Ah what the fuck, F/Z hasn't ended yet, how annoying. I finished episode 13, and i'm really liking it. I really liked the King of conquerors for his philosophy and his being funny, beside being a leader. Gilgamesh is just kickass, i already liked him in F/SN while i never really took an interest in saber(weak personality, as Conqueror stated during their drinking banquet). That dark cursed knight is also an interesting dude, even tho he made his appearence just once. That caster is too much fucked up, just the icon of madness for this show. I appreciate lancer for his loyalty, even tho he'll get screwed later on for sure, since he's being fooled.

I think i'm liking F/Z more than F/SN because it focuses more on the fights and the protagonists are more the servants rather than the masters. I thought i would have liked more F/SN because its protagonist were teenagers, and there was some developing relationship in the background, but i found out F/Z to be a better anime overall, even tho it doesn't provide the romance element.

I'll have to wait for the next releases i guess. Anyways, for tonight i'm done, i'll start over saturday, when i get back. Cya
Hehe, Gilgamesh has been kick-ass, but in this series, man they really beefed up Berserker. He's now my favorite hero.
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