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Originally Posted by alekos23 View Post
personally i think that he's brain :P
he used to refer to people ( his enemies and cobra when he shot him ) as maggots
Glad it's not just me who suspects that. It's hard to tell if the sameface is intentional or not

Originally Posted by ars89 View Post
Spoiler for ep 140:
That's something that bugged me too. I have to assume they escaped a while ago and nobody noticed. Maybe the Cardinal only visited periodically to renew the decoys.

Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
FT is either gonna need an instant powerup, or there is going to have to be some major glaring weakness to defeat those guys.
Funny you should mention that... the manga kinda makes that impossible for this arc. I, too, am wondering how the heck they're supposed to beat these guys.
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