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Originally Posted by MechR View Post
Funny you should mention that... the manga kinda makes that impossible for this arc. I, too, am wondering how the heck they're supposed to beat these guys.
I have been reading the manga, so I know what you're referring to, which makes me wonder as well. From that light, and my theory, I kinda understand why the OS guys might be stronger now. Still makes it odd, then, how they might defeat OS. Probably going to be a glaring weakness, once their magic is figured out.

With the Legion guys, I figured their weakness was in the fact that they needed an object to use their magic; separate them from their object, and they are mostly powerless.

On that note, I'm wondering why Byron was so easily defeated. It was shown that he could nullify any magic no matter what it was or what direction it came at him from... so why was Midnight so easily able to hit him? Why did Dan's shield not repel the magic?

There better be some really good explanations here, or it reeks of plot contrivance.
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