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Spoiler for 2000 versus 20000, one chunk at a time:

Originally Posted by whsie View Post
Lol, the 20,000 strong is just the vanguard. The main force is behind.
Indeed. At first glance though, it seems that Tigre is simply overwhelmed by sheer number. But once the actual campaign got underway, I was very much engaged at the development of the battle against the 20,000. The 40,000, now that's what scares me. Can't wait to see Lyudmila's appearance and see what she does!

Originally Posted by willx View Post
So, I was reading through EnigmaticAxion's cleaned up machine translations for Vol 1 .. after Tigre rescues Teita.. did he just catch an arrow in flight with his bare hands!?
Yes, he did. He saw the archer from afar (no one can shoot as far as Tigre can) and caught the arrow with his hand, then fired it right back at the hapless archer. That's how he started bleeding on the black bow

Originally Posted by Kleeyook View Post
I wonder if Tigre can use bow in close quarter combat like Raven from Tales of Vesperia.
Close-quarter combat has been and always will be Tigre's weakness; he desperately needs protection from close quarter combatants, and that's what Elen (and soon, Lyudmila) complements Tigre with in their fighting style. Elen/Mila to engage enemies in close combat and divert attention away from Tigre, while Tigre snipes enemy commanders and generals from afar.

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Tygre might not be able to wield sword like Durandal but there might be possibility that in the future he can draw power from it like how he draw it from Viralt.
It might be possible, who knows? But at this stage of the war (from where I am at reading), very much unfeasible. Only Roland had the strength to wield Durandal; as it is, it is simply a very heavy great sword to every one else. Plus, everyone has literally no idea what the sword is and what it can do; Tigre bringing along a heavy great sword which he himself has no idea what it does (and only slowing down his mobility) into a war, much less a war where the enemy's numbers greatly outnumber him, would do him no good. As it stands, it is merely a glorified medal of honor at this point.

But I don't think this is possible. After all, as Drechvach and Vuojinev mentioned,
Spoiler for Bow and Sword:

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Anyway, can someone explain to me about:
Haven't reached that part yet unfortunately. If I recall, Elenore mentioned that Alexandra's sickness progressed to the point that she's bedridden only recently, though I'm not sure. I'll have to read on more to find out.

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