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Originally Posted by Kudryavka View Post
In a way that is very good.

I wonder if subs when America gets it. Dub would change too many things (like when Nano cracks a joke about American jokes being outrageously dumb, that will definitely be changed).

I also hope no one ever translates "Selamat Tinggal" as "I got on by myself" like Crunchyroll did. I can't even begin to fathom why and how they did that, selamat tinggal doesn't even sound like Japanese so I guess they just "interpreted the scene" and slapped some random line on there. There were quite a few times where Crunchy failed hard, my Japanese is mediocre and even I could tell, so it was probably even more stuff I didn't find.
It didn't even need to be translated, since the whole point was that Yuuko could speak (or at least, greet people in) a different language.
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