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Originally Posted by Tenchi Ryu View Post
He was saying he was open to the idea of having a girl friend but he's not direct at all, in fact, he's completely vague with it.

Sena even mentions how vague it is, you can't really take an answer from a statement like that. Hell, you could make out of that he might want a girlfriend in the future, but not necessarily now.

This is the most important part though
Spoiler for Spoiler:

Right here, Kodaka is admitting that friendship is currently more important to him than a relationship. Now could he want one with the girls in the future? Sure, but right now, he just wants to enjoy friendship. That's not possible if the girls currently are hounding him.

Basically, "how can we be in a relationship if we can't even establish our friendship" is what he's saying.
it's here exactly when kodaka issues come into play because he said who he "don't have friends" while this is a lie because he already have friends this is just a way to escape from reality and from sena questions about relationship.

easy countered by this

their already being friends for a long time, kodaka just don't want to lose this "fake friends status" like i said he fears have true friends because this means who he must move and grow and this scare him.
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