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You're not listening to me ellessarr....

Of COURSE Rika knows they are friends. You know why? Cause she's smart as hell and awesome.

Seriously though, she's a very socially aware person. Of course she knows they are friends. She is not the problem.

It's two other girls, their names are Sena and Yozora. It's like you are forgetting about them completely in the equation and just thinking about Kodaka and Rika. They aren't the only ones in the club. You're putting blame on Kodaka for something that not only is not his fault, but he's trying to avoid.

You're missing the point. ALL of the girls consider Kodaka as their friend. BUT, not all of them consider each other friends as well, specifically Sena and Yozora. BOTH of them have tried on multiple occasions to get Kodaka to themselves. They don't seem to care about friendship, they just care about Kodaka. That is what can ruin the friendship with EVERYONE, not just Kodaka. And if he did choose one of them as a girlfriend, what other reason would the other girl have to come to the neighbors club anymore? They just lost Kodaka, why else would they come when they don't seem to care about hanging out with the other girls.

So, like I said in my last post...can you HONESTLY see Yozora or Sena calling not only Rika, but each other friends? I can't at all. They are getting there, but not there yet. Kodaka would not try to start a relationship probably until they get there.
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