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Originally Posted by ellessarr View Post
sena and yozora already have a sort of love/hate friendship
No, they don't. They tolerate each other, and maybe at best can be associates. But no, they are NOT true friends at the moment. Otherwise you are being blind. You're harping on Kodaka's flaws, yet acting completely oblivious to theirs.

Originally Posted by ellessarr View Post
sena have even her room full of photos of yozora
That's obsession, not friendship

Originally Posted by ellessarr View Post
she helped to defender the club along with yozora
That's because they have the same interest, which is hanging out with Kodaka, without the club, they can't.

You trying to act like the girls have absolutely no responsibility in this when they very well do. There is no proof that they consider each other or the other girls friends yet. They might have a love/hate relationship, but that's not exactly friends. You can't just blame Kodaka for everything, which is exactly what you're trying to do. Sena and Yozora have to work on their poor social skills by themselves, Kodaka is just trying to at least keep the status quo so they can keep hanging out.
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