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Your proof isn't really proof. All you've shown is that Kodaka and Rika understands the truth. But they alone aren't what makes the group. Yet you ignore Sena and Yozora's interaction and make it what you want it to be. Everyone has to be on the same page, they aren't.

No its not the issue, this is why I'm debating you. You're saying its his responsiblity to solve their problems, and I'm saying its not. Yet you'll keep calling him a coward cause you don't agree, yet you don't call Rika a coward. Isn't she doing exactly what he is? Keeping the status quo?

We'll just agree to disagree. You think he's a coward, but I don't.
offcourse what you call a person who whenever is confrontated with a dilemma just pretend it was not him and flees, at last 2 times.

maybe you are too much overseeing the things and looking kodaka like a "real person" who he dont is, he is just a harem MC, who in this type of "harem" where we have weird girls with problem, the missions to solve the problem goes to MC,

sena and yozora have many interactions(i'm really look to then and most of the peoples agree with me who their already being some sort of "weird friends")


yozora face toward sena after her helped to defend the club like she's liked what sena doing, sena and yozora have too much hints who their already being friends it's just their are too much competitive toward each other to look at this, their even have reverse role in the second season making sena being the girl badass and yozora the runner, another proof is all the times who yozora bullied sena making her doing a weird action she easy believed on yozora(sena aways ending believe in what yozora say to her) this for himself already show who at last sena already see yozora as her best friend but her weird personality dont allow her see or accept this and make her mistake the friendship by hate, the love/hate relationship.

for the last time i'm not saying this because just i want kodaka choose a girl or because i just blame him but because this is what the writers is showing to us who the anime is about girls and a guy who are completely socially inepts try to learn how to turn this but every one have his issues who are the root of the problem:
yozora: being trapped in the past, her bitch personallity and tomboish way; Sena: being a "queen" who look down to the others peoples; yukimora who believe who herself is a guy ; rika: who is a crazy weird pervert mad scientist; Kodaka/kobato: who have issues to make "true friends" and about find a romance for kodaka in the end (dont forget who this is a romance), ofcourse we can have a harem ending with him dont choose any one or choose all of then(who is you preference) but also have the "romance" who being played well through hints along the anime.

another thing with your posts you are "denying" what rika and kodaka saying in the pictures rika was very clear about this: after all, we're already ALL(everyone not just her and kodaka)...(friends), the kodaka even confirmed this saying: i had know for a long time, this is very clear who every one ALREADY BEING FRIENDS, just only rika and kodaka are aware of this while the others girls still clueless is not me who saying this is the anime.

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