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If you can't understand why that is the problem, well then I can't help you. Like I said, Rika and Kodaka aren't the only important characters here and not the only ones who need this insight. So Rika and Kodaka know, that doesn't help if they are the only ones. Then you ignore the fact that Rika has even decided to play along with him, because she understands where he is coming from and that he has good intentions about the group, if it was wrong, she would have told him to STOP doing what he's doing. I still don't understand why you just sweep Sena and Yozora's involvement into Kodaka's reasoning under the rug, but whatever.

Til then, we'll just agree to disagree
ok first of anything where come that your "theory" about kodaka dont wanting hurt the girls???? where this is showed in anime this, i keep asking this from you and until now you dont showed to me this...

anime showed to us who kodaka have a big issue and due this issue is unable to accept "having friends"

second how i make my theories, fist off all i throw away my personnal preferences(like if i want kodaka ending with only one girls none girls or all girls)i like to base on the source in this case anime, then what anime say to us:

1 rika is smart enought to be able to learn about the real personalilty of the girls

2 kodaka was liyng since from the beginner of anime(first season), when him acted as dense, he was just lying he not dense

3 kodaka suffer from the same issue of her little sister of being unsociable, ofcourse while kobato is more childsh and dont try to hide this issue, kodaka try to hide in his "dense mask" say who he want friends and bla bla bla, while the true is who he is unable to accept have friends for some reason(not explainned yet)

4 this anime is portraited like a gauge game(date game) with many references, parallel and similarities, kodaka is the hero, who must rais flags answer issues and in the end choose a girl( or no) to have his happy(or bad) end, rika like yozora, yukimura and sena are the heroines right, then the mission to make everyone aknowledge about the friendship is not to rika or any other girl but kodaka.

5 on what speech/moment you are basing your "rika is aware who kodaka dont want hurt the girls" where she said this????? without proofs you are just using your personnal taste, in the same way you come and say that i can come and say who rika dont want to tell to the others girls who EVERYONE IS ALREADY BEING FRIENDS just because she is aware of who the others girls only gonna believe if this come the kodaka mouth, like you said the reason of the club being created was him then he is the one with the powers to make the club advance to the next level, if rika does that then kodaka move from main character to secondary.

you must look to the anime exactly like he is a "anime" with the plot based on a date game(huge hinted) and each character have his role, you can't come and say "this not the person A role" while is his role, the burden of make the club advance is on kodakas hand, because this is what the writer want, this anime is a shounen or seinen then the only who have make the things are not the girls, the girls are here for fanservice, ecchiness, create more troubles to kodaka and in the end for him choose or no one of the girls, the girls can't solve anything if their do this then is pointless create all that climax around kodaka.

ok now let me be honest, i'm not really hate kodaka, because this is anime kodaka is a fictional character then i hate the personality and role who the writer give to him, because again i hate "this type of harem leader" who due being unable to answer any girl or being sincere with any one just keep runing and chickening for the sake of harem, this is a personnal taste but i dont let this blind my my mind and i try to be "logical" and use "anime" references until now anime dont give any reference who kodaka is doing this for the sake of the girls, you are assuming this because this is how work on most of the harem, because the MC "dont want to hurt the girls(the otako fans of the girls who want the mc ending or with his own girl or everyone), but until now this not was showed if showed again for the 9999999 time proof me, show in anime where kodaka and rika are saying who he is doing this for the sake of the girls and not for his own issues.
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