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really, another hiatus , if they cant get used to a weekly work, the should go for the bi-weekly.. that way we can get better art and plot(like @ta2666 says...where is my slasher smile...)...and... why they keep doing all these colored covers..just put normal ones and add colors for the book that way you don't waste time + a bonus for the "book version"

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
It's because they're confused and not sure where to take the story anymore so they're taking a break to figure it out...
it is very possible.....because the actual plot is lacking... many months till shioon reach the building...

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yeah hard like hell.... take shioon to gromo.... make gromo defeat suc leaders and end this BS... we move on to kaizer seeing gromo betrayal and new target "shioon"... decides to send sosul there (who is too brainwashed)

next we move on to shiho case... elder kwon getting treatment from his fight (jine stays by his side for some time)

jigun got rid of the lower suc members with his gang.... shioons bishonen friend is devastated that he learned that his uncle (and clan) is the ones responsible for SUC and all the shit that wanted to blow up the whole town with bombs...decided to work his ass off to repair his clan image

less "new characters" and more focus on those that are currently on screen... since they were trying to make it more dramatic to put more and more chars one after another that created all this mess.... like 165chapters to learn that the one that was the leach is the bald guy from inside... and after that he says there is someone above what another 160chapter to learn that ? They could just end at him beign the leach who was just lieing to the higher ups (while he was working with kaiser all alone)
yep, all you say is true
let me add a thing...all these "new characters" are just teens..just a gang, they are not masters(like hell i gonna believe that a man/woman in his/her twenty are gonna beat a martial arts..because martial arts take a lot of time, its not very practical for fights outside the rules(some case, i will not generalize..and its more easy to run..really...just run) and the training is long)....

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