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To be specific, Chapter 31 of the manga was released a week ago, and yeah Volume 7 will be released soon which will contain chapters 25-28. But still, the manga has only gotten into the bulk of the storyline, and since this is a monthly serialization not much will get done in the manga between now and the completion of the anime, which is why there'll probably be a different ending of sorts.

I don't think the anime will branch off much from the manga though, so far they haven't changed much except adding in a few filler episodes (nicely done though), novel stories and sidestories from future chapters (the Metal vs. Fire and Riza adopting a puppy episode was from two side chapters in Volumes 3 and 4 respectively) and changed around a few events. Plus the fact that most of the manga was probably already available when they started planning the anime due to the slow pace (I'd expect all of Volume 6 and parts of 7 to be available to the anime staff during the production of the anime).

Anyway, since Episode 17 of the anime is covering Chapter 9 of the manga, I don't think we should worry about the anime catching up anytime soon either. In fact I'm worried that 50 episodes might not be enough due to the pace of the anime and the fact that the manga's story still hasn't moved on much yet.
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