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Tbh I don't want Beato to die, that's why I made up a crack theory lol
I'm extremly Anti-Fantasy, although not 100% because of her. She and magic exists, though she can't do very much, like a powerless god. The only thing she can do is repeat the time frame of the game board. As the witch that watches Rokkenjima she saw everyone dieying. She is very hurt that the true culprit tries to make the people think she is the culprit, and as she watched Battler's efforts to prove that it was done by humans, she comes up with an idea: As she isn't allmighty and can't figure out the true culprit by herself, she carefully makes up a plan: Fuel Battler's hate against witches and help him revealing the true culprit. Lambdadelta is interessted in this idea and grants Beato a wish: The creation of the meta-world, where she can interact with Battler and use the red truth. But Lambda of course made a deal: Beato has to restrain her actions and act like a cruel witch towards Battler, be very carefully when using the red truths, being a good actress that listens to her director..
--> the 5th Game, Chiru, Battler discovers the true intentions of the honest and pure Beatrice (which is symbolized by hair-down Beato)

Well, I don't believe in it myself, of course it's dumb so I haven't thought about it further, but I wanted to share it with the BatBeato shippers ;0
Actually, I've already thought of a way for Beato to exist and witches to not exist, but I'm waiting to see what Ryuukishi has in store for Episode 5 so I can confirm my theories. I'm sure it makes sense, but if it's actually true then it's going to be a huge plot twist for most people (which is why I'm hesitant to really post it at the moment).
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