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Originally Posted by ProdigalSon View Post
LOL what's the point of being coy in a thread full of spoilers and theories? What makes you think yours is different than the hundred other ones we see in the forum?
Because it assumes that magic doesn't exist, period.

Most of the Umineko fandom seem to take the meta-world for granted, since it's not required for the game to question the meta-world. I don't think that's right.

I've been reading what Ryuukishi's been saying at the moment, and I believe that he's purposely avoiding the main issue of "what are witches?" I take it that it's up to the reader to solve this mystery, and that mystery begins with a simple thought process: what is magic? If we believe what we see, we might end up with the Higurashi-style ending.

If we don't, then I see Umineko ending "outside of the meta-world", and in the actual real world, which doesn't allow for the magical or the supernatural. My theory has to do with that. However, most of english-speaking fandom would believe that such a thing isn't possible, and questioning the meta-world's existence doesn't have any reasonable logic or evidence behind it (Most of the attention in the story thus far have been on the gameboards and the meta-world, so we've gotten accustomed to it).
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