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It's probably all in what kind of music you like. I didn't know Stereopony before, not being a devotee of either Gundam or Bleach, but now I'm a big fan. This may be my favorite OP of the new season. I listen to it over and over again.

I love this kind of music, with a real melody, and a melancholy "high and distant" sound in the voice. I think Aimi is da bomb. She really makes the song she wrote work. She manipulates the vocal rhythms beautifully.

For me, abingdon boys school is good, and I do understand the idea that their harder, less melodic music suits a dark show, and an OP. But nothing I have heard them do really reaches me.

The Stereopony song suits this second season partly because the season has that softer, more lyrical side that some people are finding a problem with the show. And anyway, there is an edge of melancholy in Stereopony that is also an aspect of DtB.
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