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Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
Omega Division. Nvm I made a mistake and lumped Ed and Alex together. The Hoyay got to me more than I expected..
Oh I see. How would Omega Division react to Ed anyway ? Not to mention his IS which they have no info on.

...apart from completely derailing the canon story? Hmm...
It's just an idea in my head. ^_^ What plans do you have on how the fic goes ?

I was refering to Laura being so obsessed about Chifuyu and Ichika to really give a damn to Ed even if he glares at her. Until the story permits meaning she becomes part of the Ichika Faction.
Well Ed won't really put up with her arrogance and pride.

BTW, how do you suppose Ichika would react when he finds out the reason why Ed prefers long sleeved shirts and long pants ?
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