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She's already seen stuff worse than that... Proesthetics aren't that uncommon anyways I would guess.
She'd most probably take note of it and go on as if it was nothing. This is Chifuyu we're talking about anyways. She and Laura don't feel shock at anything, unless it concerns the almighty Ichika. Same goes for the other Harem girls to a certain extent, with Rin, Cecilia and Houki rarely miding anything that's NOT related to their beloved Ichika.
Charles is the opposite though. She likes everyone to go fine along.

(One of the main driving points for her friendship with Sarah.)

Well the factory setting of the Night Fury is pretty much on trainer level only with higher performance for speed, reaction times and agility.
You do realize that this is a personal IS and that high speed, reaction time and agility make this unit already very strong? Alex's trainer IS is that samurai thing Houki uses... Plus Chifuyu got merciful and granted it a Machinegun for its fight against Night Fury, which was still pretty much a curbstomp.
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