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Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls [Light Novel]

Since it seems like no one is making a new HRSG ln and manga thread, i might as well do it.Guess it not that popular here but i like the series .Taking some of the texts from the anime thread and neo sam

Hyakka Ryouran SAMURAI GIRLS (Hyakkaryouran SAMURAI GIRLS)

Hobby Japan's 40th anniversary mediamix project.

The shounen (boy's) light novel series Hyakkaryouran (百花繚乱) by Suzuki Akira (author) and Niθ (illustrator) is published under the shounen light novel label HJ Bunko.

The manga series is currently on- going in mediafactory's Monthly comic alive and currently vol.1 is out. A joint project of Akira Suzuki and Junichi Iwasaki (artist)


Spoiler for hq covers:

Super short synopsis :

The year 2009+ showa era 16 year old Yagyuu Muneakira was sent to Edo to become an assistant sword instructor and a student at an exclusive Buou Academy since the day his father has mysteriously gone missing.Over there he was thrust into a power struggle between factions and political groups within the academy and also he have to deal with a mysterious girl falling from the sky to his arm and a group of girl students name after a famous samurai warriors

So basically it's a story about a power struggle between 3 groups who wants to control japan - the tokugawa faction, the toyotomi faction and anti tokugawa establisment/bakufu groups.

lists of master samurais appearing in the novels so far:

Spoiler for lists:

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