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Well regarding the portal, i've read it somewhere that kadokawa plus some other japanese publishing groups such as hobby japan decided to venture together to create an english language portal in the future so that they could expand their business and sell their products such as translated LNs.I myself is not really sure wether this is true or not and i couldn't find the link for that matter.Hope this all true...*cross fingers*

anyways while waiting for ma vol.8 anyone good in latin?.The text below is taken from vol6 and 7and it seems to be a mixture of french and latin.Much appreciated if anyone could translate this:-

Sept coniurrez au banquet feront luyre.Contre les trois le fer hors de nauire, L'vin les deux classes au grand fera conduire...
Dixit vero Elohim, congregentur aquae quae sub caelo sunt in locum unum et appareat arida...
....ita et vocavit Elohim aridam Terram congregationesque aquarum appellavit maria says something about "the seven who conspires.." of something, something

...and it seems there is another new samurai appearing in vol.8 but it's not reveal yet of who she was (in hobby japan at least).If i were to guess, very likely she could be Fuuma Kotarou...another legenadary ninja like Hanzo.I'm basing this of what i saw in the picture...a pair of glasses on the floor and a shuriken as a hair clip ^.Also she looks like klutz.Fuuma kotarou is famous for having his hair red and his own signature design shuriken..Initially i thought it was Jyuubei but it is not

@theman4life - thanks for the support!!
..and also that expo dun mind lemme know if they sell the translated versions.... again thanks
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