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I agree with everyone that this is certainly not all that happen. Or maybe not even what happen at all. As mentioned, his theory so far could account for all new information presented this episode, but it actually explained almost non of what presented in the last one. Here's some of my guess on what Houtarou theory's does not explain:

Why she cry? -> Some types of crime or violence.
Why her uncle refused to answer? -> It either an un-honorable act (which can affect his family name) or it involves other people's reputation.
And then later refused to console her? -> He think the end justify the mean, but he does not think his mean should be praised or forgiven.

I still don't think of murder level crime given the nature of this story, but maybe lies or partial truth to get the crowd worked up. Maybe that's how he motivate the students. Then, that might led to violence and possibly someone might be badly injured or dead. I do think that if you ask a leader of any protesting that turn violence, that would be the type of reaction you'll get. He/She does not regretted starting the protest since he/she think the cause is something worth fighting for. However, since it turned violence and people got hurt, they're not proud of that part either.

In any case, next Sunday cannot come faster
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