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Originally Posted by surerman View Post
well...if you consider fuck a woman without her head intact is normal...
In this setting I rather fuck a normal woman with falling off head than chick with horse or spider body. Seriously humping a horse would be 100 times worse than humping a woman who have falling head problems, its not like she is dead per se, so you don't do necrophilia.

I gave dullahan example based on what author did as pixiv artists. I think he also made a minotaur girl, who was fairly normal but with horns and tail & probably hoofs. She would be considered semi normal to, as long as you didn't look at legs (thought I'm not sure about the hoof existence part and its not like I want to look around pixiv to find it).

So basically It's choosing the lesser evil of avaible potential candidates, though I still would go for normal human girl.

Last but not least I'm not trying to diss anyone by their fetishes, it just that I personally find it disgusting. But manga is good and romance is funny, when you forget that girls are weird.
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