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Originally Posted by Kizoku Keenan View Post

This chapter = boring. Terrible terrible end to it.

Only thing this can mean is that the next chapter should and will blow our minds. *fingers crossed*
Nothing is going to blow your mind at this point. What could you possibly want? This is what the manga is. You should of realized that during the Pain fight.

Madara is immortal, overpowered, and impossible to relate to. Why should I care about him? Obito is a whining brat who can't get over a girl who didn't like him. Naruto is an annoying arrogant little screwball. The Jyuubi is a giant one-eyed monster thing. Until the Konoha rookies step forward, the Alliance is a bunch of fodder we don't care about.

That said, I actually liked the chapter for the kooky action and overuse of jutsu. I enjoy it when Kishi attempts to feign intelligence. I always like teamwork more than one character summoning meteors or giant monsters shooting lasers. And Shikaku is badarse. But until the rookies step forward, the Alliance is irrelevant and fodder.

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Such a pointless/waste of time Chapter.
Pointless is not the entire Alliance army attacking the Jyuubi, Madara, and Obito. Pointless is any chapter with Team Taka or Naruto training for some silly powerup.
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