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Originally Posted by judasmartel View Post
I was just thinking, "What would magic based on the Islamic myth look like?"

There's the Black Stone of Kaaba which absorbs negative energy, but for what reason?
Usually I only lurking reading this forum, but your question intriguing me.

That stone called hajar asward, a stone from heaven that actually have white color. It turn black to represent accumulated sin mankind do in this world. Other say it arborb sin of person who touch it. Actually, we do something special to it because prophet do it too. If not, it only another stone

In islam there are many type of supernatural power:
1st is mu'jizat or miracle. God give it Only to prophet or rasul. It's same as Jesus miracle
2nd is karoma, or blessing. God give it to devout people or saint.
3rd is syihir or sorcery, it come from devil. People sacrifice their faith and chance to go to heaven for worldly power
4th is khadam, it come from djinn. There many way to get it.
>Some people get respect from djinn that that djinn will help you if you ask or even swore loyalty for you.
>The other try to establish communication with them and then work together.
>You get weapon/artifact that have djinn in them. It make those thing have magic in it. If you can take care those artifact, you can have it's power
>The last & the worst, you sacrifice something to make deal with djinn
5th is talent or gift. People can have supernatural power since they still embryo
Maybe there's other type, but i don't know

There's many tale/myth about people with supernatural power.
One of syi'ah islam myth tell that blow from ali bin abi thalib sword's "zulfikar" will cut gaping hole in earth if not because arch angel jibril/gabriel hold his hand Or tale about a muslim commander pray make his cavalry able to run through water. Not swimming, run.

Generally, supernatural work considered great sin that must be avoided. When someone do sorcery, you certainly will burned it the 7th hell for ever (in 6th hell, you still able to come to heaven after do your verdict). Especially in arabia, Even number 2 or 5 considered impossible and they will think as sorcery. Even if it stated in islamic tale. Actually, Islam more inclined to science than magic. Science law is just another god law and we encouraged to learn about it. I won't surprised that islamic world is AC allies. But considered our condition now, not the significant one

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