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Originally Posted by Crisu View Post
Wah, couldn't resist; had to download the raw.

The overall animation style is noticeably different from other episodes. At least in the beginning of the episode it seemed so. Like at 4:23, everyone doesn't look in their normal proportions... But it definitely gets better (or I got used to it) as the episode progressed.

Spoiler for Ep 8 stuff, just to be safe:
Actually, no.... it screams a typical piece of clothing worn by many japanese (like my wife who has a few, for example). It doesn't scream Ayu as such anymore than taiyaki screams Ayu. Many pieces of Lucky*Star scream "typical japanese daily living" ... just like most slice-of-life or other series set in recent Japan. Tsukasa has worn them before (in episode 2).

If people will watch the clothing and hairstyles (as they change) on the girls --- they're most all adapted from the manga. One of the nice touches of the manga (and the anime) is that the girls modify their hair and clothing to suit their whims.
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