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Originally Posted by Kaioshin_Sama View Post
Your forgetting the cardinal rule Vexx, everything is a reference to Kanon, Haruhi or another Kyoto Animation adaptation since nothing else is worthy (especially those common overalls, how dare they be compared to Ayu's ).
And you are forgetting anime rule #49!
Kyonani is not a mispelling of their nickname when swapping out Konami, but a reference to Kyon from Haruhi for example
Nah, if you look at it like this: Kyo nani, then it could be Kyo what?
Does that make sense, no, does it have to, no. It's Kyoto Animation, they are never wrong.
You did read the term you referred to, right? Here's another term I found on that page that I think that you overlooked. EDIT: If that is too harsh, how about this.
In fact I just got wind that Kyoto Animation is doing a remake of Gunbuster since the previous one by Gainax was an embarassment. Now Kyoto Animation will do a Gunbuster that will put Gainax to shame and that is the reason behind the reference in episode 2.
Just quit while you're ahead and everything will be better.......

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