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All I can say is that he better did. I can suggest a place. Knock down Haneda. Move all Tokyo-bound flights to Narita. Or the other way about. It's a hassle to fly from Kansai to Haneda, then take 2 hr to Narita just to fly to North America.
They'll need to take more land for the runways then, IMHO - unless air traffic from Haneda virtually collapses. Airplanes can't be jammed onto runways and the airspace without a lot of planning and equipment. Given the types of land in Japan overall and the experiences the government has had, that land grab will take a long time and will probably fail.

I say take away Disneyland. Hong Kong already has one, and I heard that there is a chance that 2 will be built in China. Too many Disney resorts out there.
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