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If you look at the Tea Party closely, you can see a lot of elements pulled disparately from ep1-4. Bern is remarkably perceptive, although her "solution" pulls in unorthodox fashion from all sorts of episodes. See how many elements you can find. I've noticed:
Spoiler for Various Elements:
I'm sure there's others. Of course, they all come from all over, so if that's how we're supposed to find the solution, it's quite a mess to sort through smashing prior episodes together into a single narrative. If any of that is accurate, that is.

My question about the Tea Party is: How many freaking guns did they have?
The whole gun thing in the tea party is messed up. I think they all had guns, but I'm not too sure. Which makes things rather confusing, considering in EP 3 they said only 4 guns were working. Unless Bern somehow rewrote the story to make them all work, similar to how Battler made it so Erika got sticky tape.

...I think Bern's point is sort of that Kyrie actually does think that way.
This is Bern we're talking about here. The one who wants to make everyone look like a horrible bastard and get a cruel twisted ending. I can't imagine Kyrie actually thinking that way about Ange.
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