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Production wise, this anime is unmatched for this season. I thought both the animation, character designs and music (Yes Yuki Kajiura, you are beaten for once) were all top notch, so in terms of treating your eyes and ears, this is the anime to watch for sure. Most likely better production values than even Fate/Zero.

However, in terms of story and characters, it could have been a bit better. For starters, the MC was pretty bland, angsty and a bit boring. Inori was bloody gorgeous to look at (tasteful fanservice rawr) but wasn't your typical moeblob either. I'm impressed. However, the character I liked the most was Gai - gogo badass types.

In terms of story, it's a lil on the generic side basing it on a rebellion + a pandemic and all, but it was in no way bad. Although some people are comparing this to Code Geass a lot, for now I'm not totally convinced. This is because Guilty Crown's opening episode lacks a major element which Code Geass had for it - thriller and suspense. I'm not feeling much of a suspenseful atmosphere atm, though it might partially got to with the MC being a bit boring on the character side. Could have used a more charismatic character like Light or Lelouche and it would have made this opening episode a lot better imo. It also felt a tad rushed, but no where as bad as say Persona 4 or Mirai Nikki.

Regardless, it is probably the 3rd best anime opening episode after Fate/Zero and Chihayafuru which is slightly below what I expected (I was expecting to be either par or just below Fate/Zero in quality). However, it's episode 1 and we still have 21 episodes to go so this is definitely a keeper.


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