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Originally Posted by Kyuu View Post
Do you not see their uniform in that modified image?

Imouto follows and listens to Onee-chan. No question.
I agree with Kyuu, judging by the limited flashbacks that the anime have shown us if Saki and Teru doesn't ever have a falling out, Saki will happily do whatever Teru wishes. I think that even with the strained relationship if Teru says to Saki to do something there is a high chance that Saki will do it.

Originally Posted by Myssa Rei View Post
It is convoluted, especially since it all hinged on Saki deciding to play mahjong again, and she was only able to do so because of Nodoka. There's no way that could have figured into the plan, unless the transfer of Nodoka's father to Nagano was ALSO in the cards.

Really, Saki and Teru's mom is probably the biggest question mark in the series background right now. How her personality is revealed is going to influence everything, particularly the view on the collapse of the family. I think many of us, for example, imagine this domineering and serious business mahjong maven, but what happens if we're shown (eventually) a Mrs. Miyanaga who's all sugar and rainbows?
It is convoluted. But since were already speculating that the Miyanaga family might be behind the scenes and judging from the overpowered ability of their offspring the parents might have the unfair ability of predicting the long term future or something like prophecy. Heck, we already have a precedent that some sort of foresight powers exist with Toki.

If you can see the future or know a part of the future, convoluted plans becomes very easy. It would also explain the meaningful names they gave their children.

Regarding Mrs. Miyanaga being all sugar and rainbows, if that happens, I think the internet is going to explode with alternative character interpretation. The Miyanaga family seems to be prone to this trope even in-universe, Saki looks like a demonic overlord when she meets Achiga, and Teru in the recent episode show signs of being a decent human being underneath it all.

Originally Posted by Game8910 View Post
Spoiler for How he got that hand:
That is insane. Though I do wonder if this is sort of doable in Saki since I'm sure that there is no rules/precedent for "turning all of the tiles to Haku" like there is no rules against "attracting all doras or seeing into the future".

Though it can be considered sort of cheating since on poker marking cards or tiles on this case is a violation. And I think erasing the paint on the tiles to make it a haku is considered marking the tiles.

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