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Originally Posted by Nanya01 View Post
When you get to 100%, if you've beaten U-D every time she showed up before the final round, you get Sequence X, where you play as Yuri (Playable U-D), when you complete that, she's unlocked for the other modes.

Also, Nanoha has one other technique in FDB mode, A.C.S. driver. You know, where she suddenly lunges forward at max speed and takes the opponent down?

Anyway, that's a close range grab attack, and it's probably more powerful than Hyperion Smasher, buuuuut... Hyperion Smasher's better to use, considering that it's easier to pull off and IS the strongest non-FDB single move in the game, period.
Yeah I already beat Sequence X, wasn't that hard actually. I just felt like beating every sequence in the game, even if I'm not sure you get anything for it. I just have some characters to unlock, but Arcade takes too long to beat during lunch so I haven't got around to it.
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