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So, I haven't been in this thread in a while. Usual excuses: work, children, etc. but I had a question about something I figured someone might have some experience with.

I'm attempting to teach myself Classical Japanese, and I was wondering if anyone had some advice / recommendations for study resources.

So far, my main comments are:

1. Conjugation/spelling is so much more regular, and irregularities in the modern language begin to make more sense (aogu, "to fan", vs. ōgi, "a fan", for instance). But there are so many conjugations to memorize....

2. Kakari-musubi is annoying to remember, and baffling to encounter, until you get used to it. Crops up surprisingly often in Meiji-era songs, though.

3. Verbs in their attributive form (rentaikei) can be used without a noun after to make a verbal noun of sorts (like "[verb] + koto" in the modern language). That's kinda cool.
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