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Originally Posted by ThereminVox View Post

What actually made my heart sink about the whole episode was the same thing that caused me to drop Deadman Wonderland early on: Just the comically over-the-top way things have to be stacked impossibly against the main character, to the point where everyone and everything seemingly conspires against him. It portrays the antagonistic force as arbitrary in cartoonish malice, clairvoyant in foresight, and infinite in resources. To use pro-wrestling jargon: If the heel never shows his ass, I don't buy that there's a way to overcome him that is satisfactorily consistent with the narrative. Meaning that either the situation is hopeless, or the solution will be some random BS.
I'm not sure what you mean here. The rules of Monobear's game are pretty clear. Monobear emphasized how big a stickler he is when it comes to following the rules. He's clearly not a nice guy, but there's no particular reason to think he's lying.

Going by the rules, one of only two scenarios can possibly play out...

1) A killer gets away with it. Everybody else is executed. The killer graduates, effectively "beating" the game, and presumably being allowed to leave the school.

2) There are a succession of killers, each one being successfully convicted (and executed). So for each such killer, you'd have two deaths - the person killed by the killer, and the killer himself/herself. So the cast gets whittled down 2-by-2-by-2 over time. Once you're down to 4 (from 14 - 15 minus Junko), somebody kills someone, leaving 3. 2 of the 3 will have to assign blame to a 3rd (otherwise, its essentially a hung jury with no clear majority). If they're right, the 3rd gets executed. The 2 graduate together, or maybe Monobear sets up some sort of death-game between the two meaning that just one graduates.

Monobear may never be defeated, in the sense of this school being shut down and Monobear being either killed or dragged away in handcuffs. But that doesn't mean that the lead character can't "win", and overcome the situation he's in.

I could be wrong, but I think some people are overthinking this show. It's like the Saw movies. Or a much more lethal version of Big Brother/Survivor.
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